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When most Great Barr residents reflect on 2007 one of the main aspects will be the changes affecting roads and buses. The provision of a Red Route from Birmingham to Walsall meant many changes and traffic delays while construction went ahead. The Scott Arms junction was remodelled with new traffic lights and junctions were revised all the way to the Walsall Border. New traffic lights were added at Chapel Lane and bus lanes created.

While work on the Birmingham Road progressed the small roads of Great Barr were dug up to allow new gas mains to be installed. This affected all the roads centered on the Gorse Farm area and along the Hamstead Road.

A new image was introduced affecting bus routes. The Network branding affected bus and rail with all bus stops being replaced with new signs. The 451 route from West Bromwich to Sutton was re-branded with new vehicle markings.

Housing developments included the demolition of houses for redevelopment on the Newton Road, Birmingham Road and the Pear Tree estate.

Problems with funding meant that there was not much progress on the provision of a statue to remember the Hamstead miners. Plans for a simpler memorial were being considered.


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