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Shops & Businesses

Many memories are made up of the shops and other businesses we visited as children and throughout our lives. However shops come and go so these pages are to develop to record some of these changes and perhaps to jog some memories. Please send me any information you may have about the shops or other businesses in B43.

There are many local shops as well as the larger shopping centres so these pages will hopefull expand as more information is gathered.

The main shopping centre is at Scott Arms but there are many other small local shops in the area.

The navigation links on the left expand to provide access to each block of shops. These are organised so that shops in side roads of a main road are shown with their main road to prevent the menus getting too long.

Gorse Farm Shops

Gorse Farm Road

The shops surround an island at the junction of Eastwood Road and Langford Avenue


"Game On" - Game Store (closed)

Game On shop


GS News - Newsagent


Lins Wok - Takeaway (December 2008-)
Triple Crown - Takeaway (18th August 2005 - November 2008)
Dynasty- Takeaway ( - August 2005)
Jafflong Balti - Takeaway
Dynasty Gorse Farm


Gorse Farm Chippy - Fish and Chip Shop (1993-)

Deayton 1960,s

gorfar-chippy (15K)



  • Country Style (Sept 2016-) Caribbean and English Takeaway food
  • Venus hair and beauty (July 2015-)
  • Astral Bodies - Beauty Salon (October 2011-)  http://www.astralbodies.co.uk/
  • Lillyloo's - Hairdresser (4 September 2007-2011)
  • Simply The Pets - Pet Shop (25 April 2005-end 2006)
  • Cleaners (-2005)
  • Paulines Florist
  • Albiston (1960's)



SunSpots holiday homes (July 2005-2007)
Aladins Cave - Fancy Dress (to July 2005)
Bradleys - Hardware

Moyle & Adams, grocery (1960's)


Sidwells, ladys dresses 1960's


Little Pockets (August 2005 - )
Gorse Farm Florist (to 23rd July 2005)

The Red Admiral Pub

The Red Admiral was closed and the site redeveloped as the co op.

Cooperative Store

Open September 2021


Paul Ceney - Hairdressers (1989 - current)


shop being refurbished July 2011
Gorse Farm Off Licence


Petrol Station (now housing)

bungalows on site of Petrol station

Appleton Avenue and Spouthouse Lane

A small group of shops at the junction of Spouthouse Lane. Two of the shops have been converted into housing while of the other is a newsagent.

1980'S Appleton shops

233 Appleton Avenue

Converted to house (1992)
Lynn's Bakery (-1980-)

235 Appleton Avenue

Converted to house (c,1993)
Clothes shop (-1980-)

237 Appleton Avenue

Newsagent - H.S. News (March 2007-)
Newsagent - (Virk; Appleton News - 2005?)

33 Spouthouse Lane

appleton shops (15K)

  • 4 Seasons G-B Limited,  hardware and gardening (29 March 2016-)
  • 4 Seasons - Lifestyle Express (October 2008-February 2016)
  • The General Store was closed for many years