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Amberley Green is a 'T' shaped cul-de-sac leading off the Hamstead Road. It is generally considered to be part of Hamstead Village. Entering the Green on the left you have odd numbers and on the right even numbers. The numbers follow round the 'T' with more odd numbers than even as they continue right across the top of the 'T'. Thus the Green looks like:

plan of Amberley Green

There are three main types of semi-detached houses and a couple of detached houses.

Semi in Amberley Green
Dorma semi in Amberley GreenStyle of semi in Amberley Green


There are four car parking areas with garage blocks.

At one end is a childrens playground which has become unsociable lately and agreement has been made to create a new childrens playground at the nearby Tanhouse centre and build a few new houses, no details have been released yet.

The Walsall to Birmingham railway runs across the top of the Green separating it from the RSPB Nature Reserve.

The Green was built on the site of the Hamstead Colliery which was one of the deepest mines in the area and closed in March 1965. The new estate was called the Hazelrigg estate by the developers.


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