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Aldi Queslett Proposal

In January 2016 ALDI launched a consultation about their proposal to build a new store next to ASDA Queslett.

Artists Impression of the new store
Development of the site would provide a new Aldi food store with a net sales area of 1,140m², alongside 85 space car parking and servicing

The ALDI consultation site is at


Appleton Avenue and Spouthouse Lane

A small group of shops at the junction of Spouthouse Lane. Two of the shops have been converted into housing while of the other is a newsagent.

1980'S Appleton shops

233 Appleton Avenue

Converted to house (1992)
Lynn's Bakery (-1980-)

235 Appleton Avenue

Converted to house (c,1993)
Clothes shop (-1980-)

237 Appleton Avenue

Newsagent - H.S. News (March 2007-)
Newsagent - (Virk; Appleton News - 2005?)

33 Spouthouse Lane

appleton shops (15K)

  • 4 Seasons G-B Limited,  hardware and gardening (29 March 2016-)
  • 4 Seasons - Lifestyle Express (October 2008-February 2016)
  • The General Store was closed for many years

Beacon Road 132-152

The Beacon Road stretches from the Queslett Road island towards Barr Beacon. There are shops near the Queslett Road island and these by Waverley Avenue.


132 Beacon Road

  • Hairdresser (2012)
  • Roxana Saddlery - Horse and Pet Supplies

134 Beacon Road

  • empty by January 2018
  • Hong Kong Express, takeaway
  • Ying Wah, Chinese 
  • Kam Law

136 Beacon Road

  • Beacon Fish Bar

138 Beacon Road

  • Dee's Hair Studio

140 Beacon Road

  • Als Bengali and Indian Cuisine
  • Beacon Balti House
  • Al Minar Restuarant

142 Beacon

  • Giggles and Gear, Fancy Dress

144 Beacon Road

  • Bramble Hedge, florist
  • Out There Bikes

146 Beacon Road

  • SRA News, Lifestyle Express
  • S Clohessy,newsagent

148 Beacon Road

  • Get the Picture,Hannah and Craig Dorman, Picture Framers (25th November 1999 - )

150 Beacon Road

  • Refresh, Beauty salon

152 Beacon Road

  • Donya, Fish and chips, Kebab and Pizza (October 2015-)
  • Hot Stuff Pizza, takeaway
  • Collingwood Florists

152A Beacon Road

  •  NISA Local, supermarket
  • Co-op

Beacon Road 2-12

HuhThe Beacon Road stretches from the Queslett Road island towards Barr Beacon. There are shops on the Queslett Road island which follow round into Beacon Road and further round into Moreton Avenue. More shops along Beacon Road  are by Waverley Avenue.

Beacon Road, B43 7BP

2 Beacon Road

  • Ian Hazel Funerals Ltd
  • Classic Fruits
  • Hewitts, fruit and vegetables (1930s?)

4 Beacon Road

  • SLP Accountants (2015-)
  • Post Office to 2015. Moved to 10 Beacon Road.

6 Beacon Road

  • The Ruby, Chinese takaway
  • ? clothes

8 Beacon Road

  • Andrews Estate Agents

10 Beacon Road

  • Beacon News including Post Office (March 20th 2015-)
  • Beacon News

12 Beacon Road

  • Technicare, Domestic Appliances (Servicing And Repairs)

14 Beacon Road

  • (2017-) moved from Morton ave.
  • Melon Cauli, greengrocers (2012 - 24 December 2016)
  • Pomonas, greengrocer
  • J M Guy (Butchers) Limited, Butcher 


Moreton Avenue, B43 7QS

3 Moreton Avenue

  • Oakley Insurance
  • Able to Insure


Beacon Road shops

Beacon Road stretches from the intersection with the Queslett Road up to Barr Beacon.

Shops curve around the Queslette Road junction and there are others further down towards Pheasey.


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