Old Walsall Road

Fred Probyn worked at Hamstead colliery from 1952 untill 1962 along side his father Fred Probyn and brother Gwyn.The family lived in Bradford Street or 88 row as the old folk called it, there was no bathroom and the toilet was outside. The house over looked the brickyard from out the back of the house, and the Canal was just above above the houses.

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Mr and Mrs Probyn taken outside the back of 88Row about 1953 and on their wedding day, with David, Fred, Fred snr., Gwyn and Arthur David Probyn. All except Arthur worked at the colliery.

The rows of houses across the other side of road was called Post Office Row (part of this still exists and was an off-licence for many years). Canal Row, Middle Row and Back Row being replaced by a block of flats.

The name partly lives on as Bradford Close, which links to Langdale Road, occupies the canal side area here.

Many thanks to Fred Probyn for providing the photographs and background information. Aditional information researched from Victorian Hamstead by Roger Clive Meachem, 1988, Brewin Books ISBN 0 947731 38 5 (out of print)