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St. Margarets Bells


St. Margarets tower, built of Staffordshire brick, and steeple dates from 1677.

The spire was erected at the expense of Joseph Scott Esq. the first stone was laid by 23rd May 1798.

When the church was enlarged in 1862 only the tower survived from the original church. In 1893 the tower was encased in stone and the present external entry to the belfry provided. Previously access to the belfry had been by a ladder in the old porch.

Access to the bells was obtained by three ladders. A new aluminium ladder was installed in 2006.


Whites directory of 1815 stated the bells were a gift of Mrs. Whitby. In 1796 the Bells were replaced and cast by Edward Arnold of Leicester and each has the name of a member of the Scott family engraved on them.

In 1796 the Warders log has entries for the removal and weighing of the old bells

  • 1796 scales and weights to weigh the old bells 10/6

  • trouble & turnpike expenses, assistance bells Jno Fallows to take down old bells 5/- bread cheese & ale for the men 3/2,

  • taking bells to Birmingham & expenses 21/-

  • trouble and how they were to go to Leicester and expenses 2/6,

  • two letters from Leicester 1/-

  • expenses at Mr Moores house when the bells came 5 horses & 2 men dinners hay corn and ale 14/3

  • 1796 expenses of bell hanger & ringers at barr wake 21/-

  • unloading the new bells & loading up the old ones 9/-

  • carriage of the bells 13/8/3

In 1924 the tenor bell was cracked and was re-cast by Carr's of Smethwick.

The original oak frame was replaced by a steel frame and the bells refurbished in 1969/70.

Current Bells


Current Bells at St Margarets
Bell Weight
Note Diameter Year Founder Inscription
5-0-4 E 28.5" 1796 Edward Arnold William Scott
2 5-1-11 D 29" 1796 Edward Arnold Edward Dolman Scott
3 5-2-20 C 31" 1796 Edward Arnold Mary Scott
4 6-1-19 B 32.25" 1796 Edward Arnold Margaret Scott
5 7-3-15 A 35" 1796 Edward Arnold Joseph Scott
9-1-15 G 38.25" 1924 Charles Carr Mary Whitby


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