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Tame Valley Canal

Tame Valley Canal

The first plans for a canal through the area in 1794 had the canal closer to the River Tame and following the line of the river. The existing Tame Valley canal was opened in 1844. Originating at Salford Junction the canal enters B43 passing over the Piercy aquaduct across the Old Walsall Road. Continuing west it crosses the Spouthouse aquaduct over Spouthouse Lane. photo: spouthouse aquaduct

Passing the "Durham" housing estate the canal has a footbridge (the Chimney bridge?) that links Appleton Avenue and the estate.

It is here that probably the first major work on the cana for 110 years occurred in the Spring of 2005 when emergency lock-gates were added.

photo: canal bridgephoto: canal bridge A former road bridge, now only suitable for pedestrians links the two halves of Green Lane .

photo: Green Lane bridge

The canal is now in a deep cutting towards the high Newton Road (A4041) bridge (the Sunday or Scott bridge).

photo: view from Green Lane bridge to Newton Road

The canal now opens out towards the Motorway.

photo: view from Newton Road

The canal follows an almost rural path towards the M5/M6 interchange where the canal joins the Rushall Canal (1847) at Rushall Junction.

photo: Brickfields bridge


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