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Birmingham Road shops

The Birmingham Road shops start at the Scott Arms and are mainly on the left hand side towards Walsall apart from a petrol station and a convenience store.

The Scott Arms - Birmingham Road shops end consists of what is now ALDI and the Telephone Exchange followed by Machine Mart (formally a Co-operative store) and a row of shops (Scott Arms - Birmingham Road shops)  leading to Cross Lane (Scott Arms - Cross Lane) .

Next are the  Pages Lane shops follwoed by a petrol station and the M6 Junction. (Birmingham Road - Petrol Stations)

After the M6 Junction there is the Harvester (formally Beacon) public house, the Basmati restuarant and shops leading to Peak View Road. see  Birmingham Road shops.

On the opposite side is  a convenience store (formally a Post Office) and another petrol station.



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