Stanton Road Shops

Stanton Road - B43 5EY

A group of shops at the Hamstead Road end of Stanton Road. Consists of Supermarket, Greengrocers, Newsagent and Butchers. A chip shop is on the Hamstead Road.

stanton (32K)

Stanton Nisa 2014


Nisa supermarket
K's / S Mistry - Grocer
Dad's and Lads, barbers
B and D Cotterell - Green Grocers (1982-Aug 2013)
Lala Market, food store(2019)
simplylocal - Newsagent
Stanton News
simlylocal newsagent 2011
Style and Beauty, salon (2017-)
CarnationStreet - Florist (~2011-December 2014)
M Finn Butchers (to March 2006)
Carnation Street florist 2011