Durham Estate

The Durham Estate

The Durham estate was built in the late 1950s / early 1960s as homes for miners drafted in to work at the Hamstead Colliery from the North East. Some 250 homes were built along West Way. The estate has been council housing since the colliery closed and has faced a number of problems.

durham1973 (38K) Reproduced with permission from the Express and Star. Copies of this "Pictures from the Past" published on February 12th 2004 may be obtained from the Express and Star. Copies are approximately 10x8 ins and can be ordered by phoning 01902 319444

In the 1990s the esate was refurbished and a major review is in progress.

"Five Year plan to revamp estate"

Sandwell Council have proposed the demolition of five blocks of maisonettes which will be replaced with bungalows.

durham 2005 (29K)

In December 2005 Pepys Court was demolished. Pepys Court  2005 Pepys Court 2005 (18K) Pepys Court 2005 (8K)