The gardens around the Red House have provided much enjoyment over the years.

Pictorial Flower Bed

"Harry" Watkin worked as a gardener for many years. In the 1960's the Park planted a special flower bed every year in front of the house and the picture, taken by Philip Watkin, shows the 1968 version, which Harry produced to commemorate West Bromwich Albion winning the FA Cup.

Harry was still gardening for others past the age of 90, but passed away aged 92. Thanks to his nephews, David and Phillip Watkin, for information provided.

Rose beds

One of the features around the Red House are the Roses. Many were replanted in December 2007 with more roses planted in January 2009.  The original list of rose varieties already planted has been lost but the roses in five of the seven rose beds have been identified. These are ‘iceberg (white) ‘Fragrant Delight’ (copper orange) ‘Trumpeteer’ (red) Arthur Bell (yellow) and Amber Queen
(amber yellow).

New roses planted in December 2007