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Romance and mystery surrounds the history of the hermitage. Though it was only part of the ornamental scheme of the victorian gardens there is a traditional story that a man alleged to have committed a murder and was condemned to live in the hermitage for 77 years to expiate the crime. But he only lived three years, then two other members of his family had to succeed him to complete the term!

The Hermitage

Though, of course, there is probably much more tradition than truth in that story a later episode is more easily verifiable. Some few years ago the Wednesbury district suffered a succession of rather unusual robberies, and for a long time the thieves could not be traced. Eventually some clue led the police to the Red House and there, in one of the caves near a pool, a number of youths were found, together with the "booty".

Unfortunately the hermit's caves have been somewhat damaged by children over the years.


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