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about Themes

This site is organised in two ways, firstly by geographical areas, and secondly by themes. There are also more general pages relating to Great Barr. Thus each page has the Main Menu, other menus relevant to the particular page and the Area and Theme menus.

The 'Themes'  groups together content in the following ways:

  • A-Z Road - this aims to provide a list of all streets in the B43 area. Two versions are currently included. The first is a simple A-Z with main postcode and a link to Multimap. The second is a new version where every street has its own pageof information and this will be developed over time (feel free to send me a contribution with the history of your street in Great Barr. Also included is a section on New Developments using the developers name for the site, prior to road names being allocated.
  • Churches
  • Communications - this part includes a number of aspects of 'communications' including Motorways, Canals, Railways, Rivers, Buses, Post Office and Telephone Excahnges.
  • Farms - Great Barr was a predominately rural area and information about farms that existed, and still do, are given here.
  • Historic and Listed buildings - this provides information about key buildings of Great Barr, both existing and long gone. Building that are listed by Sandwell, Birmingham or Walsall are shown seperately.¬†
  • Mills - the area had a number of water Mills along the River Tame.
  • Parks and Nature - the 'green' aspects of Great Barr include nature reserves, parks and woodland.
  • Public Houses - always a key part of any community the Public Houses and Hotels of Great Barr are described.
  • Schools - the primary and secondary schools are described
  • Shops - another key aspect of any community these pages attempt to record the different uses and owners of retail business in the area.
  • Wartime - this section records the war memorials and other wartime affects on the area.
Other themes are expected to be developed. One - 'People' has been started. While the focus of the site is the physical location there is room for more information on those people of Great Barr who have left their mark on the area in one way or another.


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