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This page contains links to other web sites with information covering this area, as well as links to this sites Glossary of Terms and Site Map.

Where there are links relevant to information on specific pages they are included in those pages where possible.

General Local History

Birmingham Places and Placenames - From Acocks Green to the Yenton, from Ashstead to Gyrdleahe, from Hasfurlong to Yorks Wood, here is the story of Birmingham's places and placenames from A to Y. William Dargue tells the fascinating story of Birmingham's placenames. Many districts still bear the name given by the Anglo-Saxons a thousand years ago - and some are older still. The author explains the origin and meaning of Birmingham's placenames and delves into the history of each locality.  A glossary explains unfamiliar terms and gives local examples and there is an extensive annotated list of weblinks.

Digital Handsworth , contains information about the Handsworth area.

Express and Star Midlands Memories

Beaufort FC , short history of Hamstead

Sandwell Museums Bishop Asburys Cottage

About Bishop Asbury Information about Bishop Asbury

Alton Douglas - Books about Birmingham and the Black Country

Current Great Barr

Great Barr Hall Action Commitee , History of Great Barr Hall and action to prevent site being built on

Sandwell Valley , RSPB and nature centre

Gorse Farm Wood nature reserve

Hamstead Mine

Hamstead Colliery Memorial Commitee

www.Heroes of This includes details of the awards made to rescuers.

Photographs and other information

St Margarets Hospital -
Robert Deloyde - Great Barr School Rules
Robert Deloyde - St Margaret's Church, Great Barr Warder's Log 1781 - 1856
Keith Berry - Wonderful local photographs


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