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Newton Road Red Route

In summary, the proposed measures include:
  • Improvements to pedestrian and cyclist accessibility through shared cycle footpaths and signal controlled crossing points. Also, lane markings along the route are to be revised where possible to allow extra road space for cyclists.
  • Formalised parking and loading along the route.
  • Upgrade of key junctions to signal control, specifically the Forge Lane and Hamstead Road Junctions.
Full details of the proposals and the consultation process can be found at , Use the links below to download more detailed route maps, as a PDF from the official site.

Route Plan No.1 - All Saints Way between the A41 at All Saints Roundabout and the A4041, Newton Road (2Mb)
Route Plan No.2 - Newton Road (Western Section) between the A4031, All Saints Way and Ray Hall Lane - 2Mb)
Route Plan No.3 - Newton Road (Eastern Section) between Ray Hall Lane and the A34 Birmingham Road at Scott Arms - (2Mb)

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