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1841-1849 The Red House

It is reported that in the year 1841 Mr Robert Wellbeloved Scott, of Stourbridge, built the current Red House on this estate of 27 acres.

He was at that time the Liberal member member for Walsall, and retained his seat in Parliament until 1847. During the Lancashire "cotton famine" in 1850's when the export of raw cotton ceased from America, due to the blockade of Southern ports by North America. It was estimated there were 350,000 persons in the North of England who were in receipt of Poor Law relief or charitable support. Mr Scott it appears, was a kind-hearted man, for he brought a number of men from Lancashire and employed them in carrying out some ambitious landscape gardening on Red House estate.

In September 1846 the house was advertised for rent.


Robert Wellbeloved Scott died on 21st February 1856 but for 1849 -1862 Thomas Bagnall was living at the Red House.

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