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1871 Census

1871 Census - John Marshall and family

The 1871 census recorded those present at the Red House on 2nd April 1871. John Marshall, as head of the household was described as a Justice of the Peace, Iron-maker employing 180 men and 20 boys as well as being a landowner.

Information extracted from Census record RG10/2966.

The Red House


NameApprox Dob (Age)RelationOccupationBirthplace
John Marshall 1810 (61) Head JP, Ironmaker and Landowner Walsall, Staffordshire, England
Charlotte A Marshall 1833 (38) Wife - Bath, Somerset, England
John H A Marshall 1864 (7) Son Scholar Great Barr, Staffordshire, England
Beatrice C L Marshall 1865 (6) Daughter Scholar Great Barr, Staffordshire, England
Percy S Marshall 1866 (5) Son Scholar Great Barr, Staffordshire, England
Gerald C R Marshall 1868 (3) Son - Great Barr, Staffordshire, England
Arthur W M Marshall 1869 (2) Son - Great Barr, Staffordshire, England
Robert L Marshall 1870 (1) Son - Great Barr, Staffordshire, England
Ellen M Allen 1847(24) Visitor   Bath, Somerset, England
Sarah E Cuthbert 1845(26) Governess - Stowmarket, Suffolk, England
Joseph Arch 1836 (35) Servant Butler and domestic servant Meriden, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Polglase 1823 (48) Servant Housekeeper and domestic servant St Blazey, Cornwall, England
Sophia Gunn 1841 (30) Servant Lady's Maid Ruddington, Nottinghamshire, England
Elizabeth Williams 1825 (46) Servant Nurse Trelleck, Monmouthshire, Wales
Emma Tresselt 1847 (24) Servant Nurse Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire, England
Elizabeth Parry 1853 (18) Servant Nurse Ponsbourne, Denbighshire, Wales
Alice J Whittington 1842 (29) Servant Housemaid Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Catharine Bassano 1852 (19) Servant Housemaid Henley in Arden, Warwickshire, England
Mary C Thomas 1856 (15) Servant School-room maid Kerry, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Elizabeth Stuart 1846 (25) Servant Kitchen maid Axmouth, Devon, England
James Dent 1852 (19) Servant Groom Handsworth, Staffordshire, England

The Red House Lodge

NameApprox Dob (Age)RelationOccupationBirthplace
George Symes 1825 (46) Head Coachman Calton, Dorset, England
Jane Symes 1815 (56) Wife - Sherborne, Dorset, England
Phoebe Partridge 1857 (14) Servant General domestic servant West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England

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