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1849 -1862 Thomas Bagnall

Thomas Bagnall (1800-1880s)

The next resident of the estate was Mr Thomas Bagnall of the Golds Hill Iron Works. The Post Office Directory of Birmingham, Staffordshire & Worcestershire, 1850 shows Thomas Bagnall at the Red House, althought the 1851 census did not show him in residence as he was in Cheltenham at that time. He seems to have been at the Red House in 1849 as his son, Llewellyn, was born in Great Barr in 1849.

The Bagnalls were a well-known family in the Black Country. Mr Henry Bagnall a brother of Thomas lived at Hamstead Hall and another brother was the vicar of Great Barr

The 1861 census shows Thomas, aged 61 and his wife Caroline, aged 48. Documents indicate the the Bagnalls were leaving in November 1861.

Aris's Birmingham Gazette recorded a sale of household property of Thomas Bagnall at the Red House in March 1862 as Thomas Bagnall had moved to London.

After Thomas Bagnall, the Red House was taken over by another wealthy ironmaster, Mr John Marshall.

Thomas Bagnall had moved to Hertfordshire. In 1871 he was living (aged 71) at Newberries Mansion in Radlett, Hertfordshire, together with his wife Caroline (58) and daughters Harriet (30) and Mary (24), together with 17 servants. He was still at Newberries in 1881, by now a widower, with Harriet and 11 servants. Thanks to Philip Eastburn for this additional information.

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